Sunday, December 4, 2011

This Week in Geek 2011/12/04

A showcase of this week's finest geek and geek related activities for the week. Mark your calendars.

Longer Term

  • Museum - Weird but True and Grossology - Washington, DC - now through Jan 2
    • The Weird but True exhibit at National Geographic has been going on for a few months now, but I just found out about the companion exhibit for kids: Grossology. Interest kids in science through beetles, gas, poo, and other yuckiness.
  • Theater - Spoiler Alert: Everyone Dies - Washington, DC - Dec 6 through Jan 8
    • Face the facts, there’s danger in a bottle of water and glass doors. The comedy troupe seeks to present only the (most agoraphobia-inducing) facts. It’s your call how you act on them. The show’s motto seems to be: Laugh now because it’s not getting better. (Note: some shows are followed by discussion sessions). Check out the program online.

Count all the ninjas. (via Ken Banks)
Unrelated: This site is hilarious on mobile because of my tendency to lead with odd images.
  • Holiday - Day of the Ninja - everywhere, you just can’t see them
    • You’ve probably missed every previous Ninja Day, because they are all just that good. I bet you even missed the Ninja Parade. Enjoy a ninja-free day, knowing they’re all probably right behind you!
  • Concert - VNV Nation at the 9:30 Club - Washington, DC - 7:00PM
    • According to the official site, it looks like the second-closest stop they’ll be making on this visit is in Norfolk, so definitely catch them while they’re here. To hold you over until Tuesday, here’s Beloved.

Delicious! Or at least they appear to be. (via David Leggett)


  • Chocolate - Holiday Truffle Making Class - Washington, DC - 7:00PM
    • I was going to try and make this sound like some sort of DIY cooking alchemy to fit it specifically under “geeky events,” but honestly, it’s chocolate. I needed to add this event because it was just too fun not to. (Heads up: it will set you back $45).
  • Event - Turducken Feast at the Red Palace - Washington, DC - 6:30PM
    • Is your love of burlesque second only to your love of meat? Turkey, duck, chicken, and a show. Montreal’s finest, the Blood Ballet Cabaret, are on their first US tour and they’re bringing the circus scene to the Red Palace’s Third Annual Turducken Feast. The site says there are vegetarian options as well.
  • Race - Scavenger Holiday Hunt - Washington, DC - 5:00PM
    • Same as previous scavenger hunts. Show up to the Ben and Jerry’s at Old Post Office Pavilion, get your group assigned, and enjoy a super complicated holiday scavenger hunt. The full rules are at the above website. (Price is $28)
  • Derby - DC Rollergirls (Also a Redditor Meetup) - Washington, DC - 3:00PM
    • An intense double header pits the Cherry Blossom Bombshells against the DC DemonCats and the Majority Whips vs. Scare Force One. I have to admit, the Majority Whips have the lead for coolest district-specific team name. Meet your fellow Redditors, and watch derby girls kick some serious ass.

Derby girls are epic - and don't let them catch you saying otherwise.
(via Ron Warholic)

  • Theater - D20 Burlesque - Washington DC - 8:00PM
    • The elephant in the room may be that nerd girls are a mite controversial/seemingly mythical/objectified, but as their site says, these "nerdlesque" girls have the dex scores to match all that charisma. Besides, I’m as feminist as the next person, and OH MY GOD:  Link girl is so cute! I’m so sad the 8-bit show was all the way in New York!

An exciting week! Get to it! Other weekly reoccurring events are listed on our website (such as Rocky, CCG tournaments, crazy themed happy hours). For more information, check out the calendars at DC Geeks.  

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