Sunday, October 30, 2011

This Week in Geek 2011/10/30

A showcase of this week's finest geek and geek related activities for the week. Mark your calendars.
The Geeky Kink Event is this week
(via Clarence Risher)
Longer Term
  • Convention - Geeky Kink Event - Piscataway Township, NJ  - November 4 - 6
    • Looking for a way to meet up with geeks of a similar kinky persuasion? With everything from how-to demos to fandom meet-ups, the event looks like a great opportunity for people who are tired of hiding their nerdiness from their kink friends and vice versa.
  • General - Margin Call at E Street Cinema - Washington, DC
    • Star Trek and Heroes' Zachary Quinto is joined by an all-star cast in Margin Call. I would characterize Margin Call as a horror movie, but more accurately, it's a suspense drama about the start of the financial crisis in 2008. Rotten Tomatoes has the film listed at 86%.
  • Comedy - Jim Breuer at DC Improv - 8:00 PM and 10:30 PM, Friday through Sunday
    • One of Comedy Central's "100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time," Jim Breuer will be at DC Improv doing two shows a night all weekend long. The link above has a clip of his stand-up if you want a preview before snagging tickets.
  • Music - Childish Gambino - Silver Spring, MD - 7:00 PM
    • Can't get enough of Troy on Community? Check out Donald Glover's music when Childish Gambino performs at the Fillmore this week.

  • Rescheduled! - Adam Corolla - Silver Spring, MD - 7:00 PM
    • Heads up:  This event has been rescheduled from Friday November 4 2011 to Saturday January 21 2012. Original tickets will be honored for the new date. Refunds are available. Check out the link above if you bought tickets to this.

Gunpowder, treason, and plot (public domain, via Wikimedia)
  • Holiday - Guy Fawkes Night
    • Remember, remember the fifth of November.
  • Comedy - Jeff Dunham - Fairfax, VA - 8:00 PM
    • I love Jeff Dunham. Just thinking about him is going to get Peanut's "Jef-fah-fah Dun-HAM dot com!" stuck in my head for about a week. Hulu Plus has the Jeff Dunham show, and his stand up is even better. Unless you're afraid of puppets, I'd highly recommend the show.


An exciting week! Get to it! Other weekly reoccurring events are listed on our website (such as Rocky, CCG tournaments, crazy themed happy hours). For more information, check out the calendars at DC Geeks.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review: Barcraft

Terran Heart via Blizzard's Starcaft Site

A few weeks ago I was approached by a few friends to come out and check out Barcraft. Lured into DC with promises of geeks geeking out, alcohol, and some people battling it out for my viewing pleasure.  They may have alluded that it would be more like this or like this.  It wasn't.  At all.  This isn't a bad thing mind you, I've watched a few broadcast tournaments online due to a gamer ex-girlfriend of mine(as seen in the video below), but I've never attended a live cast of one before.  It was... a very different beast.

Barcraft is part of what I hope is a strongly growing tradition in the video gaming world of leaving your house and being social with others who are passionate kindred spirits.  Sure, we could have all tuned in from home, but could we do that with 60 other nerds cheering on our champions and booing our villains?  NO!  Besides, everyone that came out for this was glued to the screens deeply involved in the whole of the event.    Also, at home you aren't a mere floor away from a bunch of people enjoying a good ole American Football game.  The dichotomy and the confusion on some of their faces was priceless.

The very serious logo for ONOG.  Love me some typeface via ONOG
The company was good, it was my first time out to Public Bar, but I liked it.  I've seen they plan on hosting a few other ONOG / Barcraft events in the future.  If gaming and watching gaming as a competitive sport is your thing, it's worth your time to check it out.  I'd think about going again just for the interesting conversations I got into while hanging around the bar waiting for drinks.

I got a chance to talk and have some words on camera with the guys over at Social Studies DC. I've included the video of that talk as well as a few other people they talked to here for your viewing pleasure.  Check them out, they are the local blog project run by Living Social.  Which most of you may know for the crazy deals they send to your mailbox.  Para-surfing for $30 bucks?  Yes, please.

Starcraft + Booze= Barcraft from SocialStudiesDC on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Real-life Zombieland

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, follow these guys! (If you can keep up.)

This weekend I ventured out to the unincorporated village of Darlington, Maryland, looking for zombies. I was psyched up to watch the first official Run for Your Lives, a 5k zombie obstacle course. From the second I arrived, I realized that deciding not to run was a mistake. People of all levels of fitness were competing because it was simply too damn awesome to sit out.

I walked up to the race location, passing the early waves of runners as they headed to change before the Apocalypse Party. They were drenched in mud and still radiating excitement. I caught snippets of conversations as we crossed paths. "That would have been a badass course even without the zombies!" "I can't believe they cut the swimming section before our wave! I wanted to try it." "You could tell who the fast zombies were going to be by the huge pile of health flags at their feet."

The crowd looked like they would have been equally at home at any convention. People were dressed in everything from Warwear to cosplay down to the one guy in swim trunks with "I taste like chicken!" emblazoned on his chest in sharpie. I whipped through registration and the bag check, and arrived in time to catch an impromptu costume contest.

The poor emcee was unfamiliar with tertiary Star Wars characters.
Hilarity and mocking ensued as "Foba Mett" was introduced.

Between the sponsors' booths and the smell of funnel cakes, the event space felt very similar to a county fair. However, I don't remember the county fairs when I was a kid having zombie-proofed cars and a LAN tent. Subaru and other sponsors did a good job of geeking up their promotional materials for the intended audience.

The ability to camp with a LAN party? Relevant to my interests.

The sponsors and vendors were set up in a large rectangle around the party/concert field. The race was out in the woods beyond, but a few obstacles were close enough to watch. As I started to walk back towards the race area, I noticed that they were providing a place for the recently zombified to clean off.

Does the fence keep the zombies in or us out?

I went down the hill, and I saw that the zombie wash water was headed the same way... directly towards the maze.

At faire, now here? I am the champion of finding Waldo.

I then found out that the runoff had made the hay maze about 20% cooler. I know this zombie looks sad about it, but it turned into a 20-man water slide every time a new wave passed through. When I asked her, the zombie said that all the slipping just made it easier to steal health flags.

Wait... Keanu?

The exit was hidden right in front of where I was standing, but the maze continued up and to the right. A large crowd of onlookers had gathered to peer over the low walls. Each new set of runners, without fail, headed for the winding dead end rather than the quick exit, even though the spectators were trying to help! Evidently when dozens of people are yelling "Dead end! This way!" and gesturing wildly, the runner only hears the last bit. 

Some ingenious survivalists took one look at the trap and decided that it was easier to hop the barricades than to navigate the maze. Over time, a few shortcuts eroded into the hay walls, which (to the delight of the crowd) only served to further confuse the runners afterwards.

The weather was perfect for running: cool and heavily overcast with no rain. Sadly, this meant that it started to get dark about an hour ahead of the technical sunset. Because of safety concerns over the low light, not everyone was able to run. The event staff had this sorted and solved before I'd even heard that it was a problem. Announcing apologies over the loudspeaker, they explained that they would refund automatically and immediately all the cancelled runners' participation fees, party admission, camping costs, and parking charges.

I notice they've already curbed the problem for next year by setting deadlines on runner registration. This year, if you arrived early enough, you could pay a fee to upgrade a spectator pass to a runner pass. I don't think any of the organizers knew how explosively popular the event would be. I met runners who had driven from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and even Canada. Luckily, there are more upcoming Run for Your Lives events all  over the place.

Once it was full dark, the Apocalypse party began. The runners were a few drinks ahead of everyone else because, after ID check, you could turn in your racing bib for a free beer. (So you're telling me I not only turned down the chance to flee from zombies, I also turned down a free beer? I think I need a minute.)

Richard Christy and Sal Governale announced the winners.

Unfortunately, I had to cut my evening short to make the drive back down to Virginia. But if the start was any indication, the the party was truly impressive. I doubt anyone headed back to the tents before about 3am.

So, now that you're signed up for the race next year. Here's some parting advice. Plan to camp. If possible, come the day before, run early, and spend the rest of the day partying without having to worry about driving home. Pack light because they do check bags, and because you might be squeezing onto a shuttle bus and/or walking half a mile to the camp site. Wear clothes that can be absolutely demolished. And remember: Rule #1: Cardio. Cardio. Cardio.

If you still need to be convinced, check out the photos on their Facebook page.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

This Week in Geek 2011/10/23

Feed with candy? (via Peter Shanks)
A showcase of this week's finest geek and geek related activities for the week. Mark your calendars.

Longer Term
  • Halloween - Little Shop of Horrors - Centerville, VA - October 28 through November 13
    • Tickets are on sale for The Alliance Theater's Little Shop of Horrors. The Alliance Theater in Centreville is unique because it produces "family based community theater" meaning that the content is not only family-friendly, but that they cast whole families in their productions. "It is the only theatre in the area that allows parents, grandparents and children to work creatively together on a professional production."

  • Comedy - Cinematic Titanic Viewing of Rattlers - Washington DC - 8:00 PM
    • I was going to skip any description and just write "Created by Joel Hodgson of MST3K." But wait! There's more! The rest of the cast are MST3K stars. Cut outs yelling at a bad movie, everything we love. When you go to buy tickets online, use the pre-sale code: SLITHER. (See how I watch out for you guys?)
  • Halloween - Twisted Knickers Burlesque and Black Tassel Boolesque: Pastieville Horror - Washington, DC - 8:30 PM
    • Only The Red Palace could fit that many puns into one title and look pretty doing it. All this burlesque Halloween sexiness reminds me of a Pratchett quote, "Magrat had once considered explaining the symbolism of the witch's broomstick to Granny Weatherwax. It would have been worse than the row about the significance of the maypole." (Witches Abroad)

Don't spend your Friday night doing this. (via desiitaly)

  • Halloween - Air and Scare at NASM - Chantilly, VA - 2:00 PM
    • A night for the kids to enjoy safe, indoor trick-or-treating at the Air and Space Museum. The kids events will include crafts and experiments. Smaller kids can stay in the Tot Zone to play dress up and hear a story. Get their faces painted and take photos of them with their favorite Star Wars Character. Admission is free (parking at the Udvar-Hazy Center is $15).
  • Halloween - Nightmare on M Street - Washington, DC - 5:00 PM
    • A Halloween themed pub crawl. This night of cheap beer and fun costumes culminates in a midnight costume contest at McFadden. Their ad warns "Don't wait prices will go up and this event may sell out!"
  • Halloween - Clifton Haunted Trail - Clifton, VA - 7:00 PM
    • A mile-long trail hike with scares the whole way through. There are also zombie skits and a headless horseman galloping around on his stallion. Read the trail rules before you head out: remember that it's cheating to use a flashlight. Check out their photo page.
  • Art - Art Carnage at the Soundry - Vienna, VA - 8:00 PM
    • The awesomeness that is the Soundry has another Art Carnage coming up this week. The specifics haven't been posted, but expect a fantastic menagerie of artists and performers. (this may be suspended, we've heard that the Soundry may be temporarily or permanently closed. More news later)

  • General - Cemetery Potluck - Washington, DC - 2:00 PM
    • Those That Mourn (a DC-area Christian Goth group) is hosting a Steampunk picnic at Rock Creek Cemetery. Bring picnic supplies and some food to share. The suggested dress is Victorian, Edwardian, Gothic, Semi-formal, etc. Here are photos from last year's event. Looks like the DC Area Steampunk group is planning on attending.
Miss Joule (photo by Stereo Vision Photography, courtesy of Tilted Torch)

  • Halloween - Spook-o-rama Variety Show - Washington, DC - 9:00 PM
    • Tilted Torch is throwing their third Halloween celebration at the Red Palace. Variety, magic, burlesque, more burlesque, and additional burlesque. With performer names like "Boobz Allen Hamilton" how could you go wrong?
An exciting week! Get to it! Other weekly reoccurring events are listed on our website (such as Rocky, CCG tournaments, crazy themed happy hours). For more information, check out the calendars at DC Geeks.

Tinkering Geeks: Steampunk

Yesterday's Rose, full of crazy stuff, and sales that day... apparently.

So I sat down with several fellow DC Geekers (Geekians? Geekos...) a month or so ago, drumming up some ideas for fun projects we could get in to.  We decided, hey, you know what?  It was hella fun to take things a part when we were younger.  Let's buy a bunch of stuff, take it a part and make other stuff.  Like laser guns and monster trucks.  Hmm, and what's one of the more recent nerd obsessions?  How about... ooh!  Let's make some steampunk stuff! Set a limit on the whole thing to $20 per person for the whole project.  So we took that fat sack of cash and hiked over to Yesterday's Rose in Fairfax, VA to shuffle through their stuff.  

First thoughts through my head, "Holy crap, so this store has a pretty decent selection of stuff."  Most if it not useful for this project.  But more than a few gems.  We snatched them up like Cthulhu gobbling up sanity. Nom. The main highlights are the awesome sewing machine and clock Lauren got, and the spice holder Roberto picked up.  Things looked pretty exciting from the get go.

Let's take a look at each of the projects.  By the end of the weekend we'd made good progress, but... yeah one weekend among a bunch of geeks who like hanging out with each other... We were like hyperactive ferrets taking things apart.  The rebuilding process took longer than I imagined.  Good progress, but by the end we were still working on things.  Here's the state of things.

The sewing machine was shared, but, wow, lovely guts.

1Lauren had some of the best grabs from the thrift store.  Yes, that's a brass old style clock.  It's guts were amazing.  Crazier than that, I had no idea a sewing machine had so many interesting gears, levers and such inside of it.  Before we event went to the thrift store Lauren was pretty sold on the idea of doing some sort of mask.  She used the most choice pieces from the clock combined with pieces from the sewing machine. The main focus she's going for is celestial diarama of sorts, well in mask form.  Here's what we're talking about.

The saddest part here is, I almost wanted this as.. as spice rack
Next up we have Roberto's piece. We missed out on getting a picture of one of Roberto's bigger finds.  He found this old ink jet printer the size of two bred boxes and a Pikachu.  Combining parts from that and the leavings of some of our other stuff he thought up the idea of a crazy steampunk laser rifle.  I mean, look at the spice rack, it just screams intimidating gun.  Taking a part the printer took longer than we imagined.  Next time we do this we really need to bring a more varied set of tools rather than trying to jury rig an... allen wrench of all things. By the end he had all of his pieces laid out to be joined together, I can't wait to see where it finally ends up.

I hope he writes a fanfic about someone wearing this.

When I first talked to Dave about what he was planning on doing, he spoke about building something that was  a functional device, not just a show piece.  The direction his project took was one of the bigger surprises for me.  For the most part he picked up some vintage cameras, show rack hooks, some lesser gem stones, and some fabric.  I have no idea where the idea for the end product came from, but wow.  So he decided to go with a steampunk mystic gauntlet.  The idea being the gemstones draw power unto a focusing lens that I believe will be eventually in the palm of the gauntlet.  This lens was one of the main focal units from a camera.  I really like where he decided to take this.  I have a big place in my heart for fantasy steampunk. I rather glad he spun his project in this direction.

First rejected name was CD-3PO
Let's take a look at what I went with.  From the store I had a small boombox, a large amp, and an African tribal mask.  The first day or so was me taking a part the boom box and amplifier.  What my original idea was, was to drill into the amp and install the guts from the boom box into it, to make a steampunk sort of cd playing deck.  Yeah, while I like tinkering, my abilities in taking things apart far exceed my ability to put something back together again.  That combined with the amp having NOTHING BUT FIBERGLASS on the inside didn't help.  Huge let down.  I don't know what I was expecting to find inside... gold, the one ring, or the Sword of Gryffendor.  No idea.  I didn't find it regardless.  Instead I found a porch now full of scattered fiberglass, wood chips from when I discovered the only way to that thing's guts was by hammer and sweat (although, smashing things does contain a certain degree of satisfaction :) ).  I don't know what I was smoking with the mask though.  Maybe... the top of the cd player?  Hey I like the mask.  I still do.  So given that I had the guts of a cd player, and the more I looked at it as I was taking it apart the more I thought it looked like the face of a robot.  So after a quick trip to the local hobby store I picked up some metalic paint and metal/plastic glue.  Then I grabbed the parts of the more heavy duty insides of the sewing machine and the printer.  Turns out the first Transformers movie was right, you can turn random objects into robots.  I'm very happy with the way it ended up coming out, most of the joints are mobile even after I ended up gluing the chassis and limbs to the chassis.  I may have to end up adding more wire to prevent the arms from dragging on the ground though and it still needs to be painted(copper / brass of course).  I think it's a pretty good stopping point though.

We all had a lot of fun doing this, although it's going to take a bit of work on each of our parts to really finish it up, more than half of the fun was taking things apart in the first place.  It seems to satisfy some inner childish need.  Made me giddy. We originally started this off to see if we could make steampunk pieces for under $20 in a weekend.  What we've found out is, yes we could have done that, but it wouldn't have been as much as what we ended up doing and we wouldn't have been as satisfied with where we got.  Trying to jam everything into one weekend was also a mistake most likely.  To get that done we would have had to have worked on a collaborative project or a lot less time intensive pieces.  Most important of all, we got to break things in ways that they will never recover from, and cackle while doing it.  What more can you ask for?

We're talking about having another session of our Tinkerers focused on Cyberpunk.  I want to take a lot of the lessons learned from this experience and push it into the next project.  That and... well I need to paint my robot.  I still haven't come up with a name, suggestions?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brewing Geekery

Dogfish Head's steampunk treehouse
(via Chris Potako)
I've been hesitant to blog on DC Geeks about my homebrewing experiments because they never struck me as particularly geeky. After a bout of diytastic Makers Faire videos, I've noticed a few other geek/tinkerer/brewer crossovers:

Then again, maybe it's not geeky, just common. Even the White House has a homebrew. Either way, I'm geeking out about it this week.

I ran across a great description of beer geeks from Sam Calagione. If you live on the East Coast and like beer, you've probably already tasted some of Sam's genius: Dogfish Head. (Dogfish is so awesome, even the Red Cross "gets slizzerd" on it.)

Beer geeks love beer. Beer snobs just love knowing more about beer than you.

A beer geek on the other hand might have a hard time concentrating on writing her blog post because she's trying to tinker a way to fix the weak mouthfeel in her batch of brown ale (force carbonate it?)... or brainstorm how to rig up a cheap wort chiller for the batch she's starting next week. Not me though! I'm going to tell you where I found for homebrew supplies.

The result of my Great Brown Ale Experiment:
five gallons of (slightly under-carbonated) tastiness.

I started my brown ale experiment with a recipe from Maryland Homebrew. When I went up to visit the renfaire, I stopped to buy my equipment from MDHB. This place is intense. With over six thousand square feet, the new location is a bit intimidating at first. I get the feeling that I'll be back here for advanced equipment for things like kegging. (Do want).

For ingredients, I stocked up at Jay's Brewing at the recommendation of some the SCA brewers. It's worth the drive out to Clifton. The shop is small, but well stocked and newb friendly. There were plenty of people available to talk shop and give advice. So I got all my extracts, hops and grains, and started my "Not So Old" Castle experiment that evening. 

After a few weeks staring into a dark carboy, wondering if I'd made any egregious mistakes, I was able to change things up and stare into dark flip-top bottles. Honestly, even for a first try, everything turned out pretty well. The bottle pictured above? Totally empty now. When I first made it, I'd intended to do a head-to-head taste test against Newcastle the second that my beer had finished bottle conditioning.  Now that the time has come, I think I'll save my ego the hit and just enjoy my first attempt without trying to hold it to commercial standards.

If the best day to plant a tree was ten years ago, then the best day for me to start my braggot and barley wine would have been about two years ago. Instead, my delicious, honey-filled oddities are still clarifying in glass carboys. I decided to take on the challenging mead-beer hybrids because the whole reason I started brewing was because I had fun helping a friend make mead.

Soon... (via Toholio)
Mead requires fewer pieces of equipment than beer, but takes a lot of honey. I know that the Bee Folks (bulk price $4.33/lb) are a local favorite, but to save money, I decided to swing out to Pennsylvania and hit up Dutch Gold (bulk price $1.93/lb). This was partly because between me and a few friends, we were picking up over a hundred pounds of honey, and partly because I wanted alfalfa honey. However, if you're making a single batch, the Bee Folks have great mead kits to get you started.

For those of you not ready to turn that spare bathroom into a nano-brewery, there's always places and events around DC where you can appreciate craft beer. There's always Bilbo Baggins, which hits the trifecta by being local with craft beers and a nerdy name. You can check what's on tap this week at the DFH Alehouses, and follow Twitter to see where Randall is going to show up. Last but not least: the Northern Virginia Brewfest is this weekend. Their list of available brews has crested fifty different varieties. The number of breweries is equally impressive.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

This Week in Geek 2011/10/16

A showcase of this week's finest geek and geek related activities for the week. Mark your calendars.

Teach the kids about pumpkin carving and basic electronics (via Windell Oskay). The instructions are here.
This week is packed with Halloween events! I tried to fit as many as I could in here so this post is a long one.
Longer Term
  • Halloween - Bennett’s Curse - Jessup, MD - now through Halloween
    • Voted one of America’s Best Haunted Houses of 2011, Bennett’s Curse has three attractions: House of the Vampyres, Sanctuary of Insanity, and Zombie Kingdom 3D. No kids under 10. Here’s a $2.00 off coupon.
  • Halloween - Nightmare Screamplex - Boyds, MD - now through November 5th
    • Another three-in-one, the Screamplex starts in a forest, winds through a corn maze, and ends in a haunted house. Sign their waiver beforehand and avoid the long lines when you arrive.
  • Halloween - Pirate Adventure - Adamstown, MD - now through November 6th
    • The more family-friendly event: Pirate Adventure has hay rides, obstacle courses, a moon bounce, and a corn maze. With mazes, I’ve learned to bring a friend with a better sense of direction, that way I never have to call 911 to help find my way out.
  • Halloween - Markov’s Haunted Forest - Dickerson, MD - now through Halloween
    • Looks like a few of the nights have sold out, so get your tickets and waiver early. In addition to the haunted trail, there are “hayrides, a haunted bus, zip-lines, giant swings, ghost hunts, fortune tellers, death jumps, and more.”
  • Halloween - Boo at the Zoo - Washington, DC - Friday through Sunday
    • Trick-or-treat at the zoo for kids ages 2-12. $30 for non-members. Buying tickets at the zoo saves a bit of money, but you may want to buy online because Saturday has already sold out.
  • Convention - Blizzcon - Anaheim, CA - Friday and Saturday
    • Once again, we East Coast geeks are left pressing our cold noses to our monitors, staring in on the West Coast conventions like a matchgirl on Christmas Eve. The Murkablo pets this year look awesome.
  • Halloween - DC’s Most Haunted Houses Tour - Washington, DC - Thursday through Saturday
    • If you’re looking for something educational that involves exercise, check out this walking tour around DC. Important notes: The walk doesn’t include interior visits and your “guide will not be in costume or carrying a lantern.” So have fun, and don’t follow strangers with lanterns.
  • Halloween - Fright at the Museum - Washington, DC - Friday through Halloween
    • The Crime Museum’s official disclaimer warns that you should skip the event if you are under 17, pregnant, epileptic, or suffering from a heart condition. Sound more like your speed for scary events? The event page describes one part of the exhibition: the Tennessee electric chair in which 125 men died (ghosts included, of course).
  • Bacon - Bacon - Bacon, Bacon - Bacon Week
    • No lie. It’s bacon week in Arlington, VA. Thursday through Saturday, Restaurant Three is devoting its menu to bacon. Don't worry, you can work it off at one of the zombie runs later this week.
  • Comedy - Weird Al Concert - Washington, DC - 8:00 PM
    • A geek idol who needs no introduction or explanation since most of us have been listening to Weird Al since our first cassette player. Instead, I’ll just leave this link to his blog so you can catch up on “The Gaga Saga” before heading out to the show.

Weird Al being awesome (via Orange County Archives).

  • Art - D.C. Art Science Evening Rendezvous - Washington, DC - 5:30 PM
  • Music - GWAR with Every Time I Die and Warbeast - Washington, DC - 7:00 PM
    • I’ll make you feel young: GWAR is still performing. Now I’ll make you feel old: GWAR is celebrating their 25th year. If you need more heavy metal, blood, guts, and screaming steel in your life, head to the 9:30 Club this Thursday.
  • Comedy - Shaun of the Dead - Arlington, VA - 7:30 PM
    • I love this movie. Unlike the Dawn of the Dead remake, Shaun of the Dead is an intentionally funny zombie movie. Warning: May contain British humour.
  • Halloween - Capital Tassels and Tease: The Halloween Edition - Washington, DC - 8:30 PM
    • For $10, Capital Tassels & Tease offers “tricks, treats, candy pumpkins, boobs, costumes, and all kinds of fun stuff.” Awesome.
  • Halloween - The Belly Horror Show - Alexandria, VA - 6:00 PM
    • Along the same vein, Belly Horror is performing at the Birchmere. I don’t usually think “belly dancing” when I envision Halloween events, but Belladonna has made it work. If haunted houses aren’t your thing, give this halloween-themed event a shot.
  • Comedy - Lewis Black - Baltimore, MD - 8:00 PM
    • This man loves rage the way I love bacon. If you can’t make the show in Baltimore on Saturday, he’s also performing in Silver Spring on Sunday.
  • Halloween - Silver Spring Zombie Walk - Silver Spring, MD - 8:45 PM
    • Dress as a zombie, stumble around for less than a mile, then enjoy zombie hangouts. Note: The organizers ask that participating zombies avoid banging on windows as there were “minor incidents” last year. After the walk, the AFI Silver Theater is showing Dead Snow at 9:45 PM and Shaun of the Dead at midnight for a zombie-filled double feature.
  • General - Northern Virginia BrewFest - Centreville, VA - 11:00 AM
    • Bull Run Regional Park hosts the NoVA Brewfest this weekend from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM both Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are available on their site. They also have listed vendors and exhibitors.
  • Halloween - Run For Your Lives: The Zombie 5K - Darlington, MD - 9:00 AM (Although it looks like runners go in waves, so check your registration)
    • The price is pretty steep ($77 to run and $32 to watch) but worth it if you’re looking for a more action-packed hardcore zombie run. To be eligible for prizes, you must complete all obstacles and avoid being eaten by zombies. “There will be a start line, and a finish line, but what happens in between is up to you. There are multiple routes to reach the finish. Choose wisely, or your 5k might turn into a 10k.”

Zombies in Memphis (via Lindsey Turner)


  • Holiday - Mole Day - Everywhere!
    • I’d have gone with Avogadro Day, but moles are cuter. Observed annually on October 23 at 6:02, Mole Day is the time to celebrate that magical and under-appreciated number, 6.022 x 10^23.
An exciting week! Get to it! Other weekly reoccurring events are listed on our website (such as Rocky, CCG tournaments, crazy themed happy hours). For more information, check out the calendars at DC Geeks.