Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Week in Geek 2012/01/29

A showcase of this week's finest geek and geek related activities for the week. Mark your calendars. 

Longer Term

  • Pub Trivia - Geeks Who Drink - Alexandria, VA - Sundays at 6:00PM
    • Well, the Big Bang Theory has continually failed to teach me theoretical physics, but it has taught me that quizzing is serious business, and also awesome. Add a pub full of geeks, drinks, and you've got the basis for the brilliantly named Geeks Who Drink. If you're not free on Sundays, there's also Springfield (Tuesdays at 8:00), DC (Wednesdays at 7:00), and Arlington (Wednesdays at 8:00).

Like this, but full of geeks, beer, and trivia! (via Gordon Joly)

  • Movie Night - DCGN Does Groundhog Day... Again - Washington, DC - 6:00PM
    • And again and again and again... Just when I finally had "I Got You, Babe" out of my head after last year. I would argue that this movie is perfect for everyone. If you love Bill Murray (as well you should), it's 101 minutes of him doing insane things. If you hate Bill Murray (How could you?!), a good portion of that is him committing gruesome suicides over and over. And if you see it at Teaism, you don't have to be interrupted by Geico commercials every 10 minutes.


  • Board Games - The DC/NoVA Gamers' Guild - Ashburn, VA - 7:00PM
    • Hoping to hone your Settlers skills before Prezcon? I'm always on the lookout for small, friendly gaming groups online, and this meetup group definitely seems to fit that description. Looks like things will really get going closer to 8:00PM, but the event is open to a few different groups. If you're interested, throw a quick RSVP on Meetup.

Flickr has introduced me to "Thurn and Taxis" (via Vizzzual).

  • Minis - Tabletop Miniature Games Demo Day (NOVAG) - Alexandria, VA - 10:00AM
    • Minis can be seriously intimidating for beginners, so I love when groups do demo days like this. Even for seasoned players, this could be a great chance to check out a game if you'd like to see how it plays before sinking the money and hours painting. Here's a doc file of the flyer and schedule. And I have to give props for any event description that promises not only "rollicking fun and escapism" but also "a cornucopia of game demos."
  • More Gaming! - Euro Games with DuPont Circle Gaming Group - Washington, DC - 1:00PM
    • Ok, DCGG, I'm going out on a limb here and forgiving your crimes against typography to promote your euro game event. (Hey, if I see a Comic Sans violation, and I don't point it out, they'll take away my Graphic Design degree. True story.) If I can be serious here for a minute, we're talking about Settlers. There's already a host of people attending, and it's easy to see why: delicious baked goods and a slew of good games.
  • Edit: The internet tells me there's also some football game going on.

I just noticed that it's a very Virginia-heavy week. Step it up, Maryland and DC! Other weekly reoccurring events are listed on our website (such as Rocky, CCG tournaments, crazy themed happy hours) and with the holidays over they’re back with a vengeance! For more information, check out the calendars at DC Geeks.

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